Like today

I just want to hibernate, yep, I know, your mouth is hanging open at the thought of me not wanting to be with people. I just want to hibernate

citations et humour

citations et humour

J'en mange pas mais j'adore cette citation XD citations et humour - L'Atelier…

Citation. Choisis un travail que tu aimes et tu n'auras pas à travailler un seul jour de ta vie. Confucius

choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life- confucius ~ français citation ~

So true...

Totally INFP, never wanting to offend anybody because you don't want to regret it. Total INFJ thing too because whatever we feel we feel it to the Nth degree, but don't always like to share what's on our minds. I walk the thin line between INFP and INFJ

Reste calme et lit des livres. :)

I'm uber tired of the Keep Calm campaign, but I love the book room in this picture!