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Cats with green eyes must be rarer than those with blue, brown or yellow eyes. I never see green-eyed kitties! This kitten has the most beautiful emerald eye color I've ever seen. I could get lost in those eyes.

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What a lovely cat! She appears to be a Maine Coon Cat with long, diluent, Calico coloring and brilliant emerald green eyes. She is a beautiful cat. You would need to give her a daily brushing, to keep her looking her regal best.

C'est un plat copieux et bien réconfortant... La pâte 300 gr de farine 10 gr de sel de Guérande 150 gr de beurre 1 oeuf Mélangez la farine, le sel, et le beurre coupé en morceaux du bout des doigts puis ajoutez l'oeuf battu et un peu d'eau de manière...

I'd say, potato pie! potatoes in a pie crust with au gratin! Tourte aux pommes de terre, lard fumé et reblochon

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13 Facts about The Cutest Species " Caracal Cat "

A collection of cute, cuddly, strange and funny cats from around the web, they are all cute and they are all Wuvely!