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Make your own T-shirt reconstruction with these Do-It-Yourself (DIY) T-shirts Ideas. For more inspiration:

The Bina - Perfect for travel. Multiple possibilities with just one item that fits right in your purse. How to wear it as a poncho.


The Bina - Perfect for travel. Multiple possibilities with just one item that fits right in your purse. How to wear it as a poncho.

Идеи переделок одежды | Варварушка-Рукодельница

Ирландское кружево.

Идеи переделок одежды | Варварушка-Рукодельница

16 Upcycled and Refashioned T-Shirt DIY Tutorials

How To Make A No Sew T-Shirt Tote Bag In 10 Minutes

This no sew t-shirt tote bag made from old t-shirts can be whipped up in just ten minutes! It's perfect as a DIY tote or farmer's market bag...

Saifou images | SaiFou

How to Make T-Shirt Bow Sleeves without Sewing - DIY - AllDayChic

Bored of your old t-shirts? Here is an idea of how you can re-design an old t-shirt, and give it a fresh new look: No-sew T-shirt Bow Sleeves. You will need: – a t-shirt; – a pair of scissors; – washable glue; – measuring tape. Directions: Cut about 2.5 inches slit from the top of […]

31 T-Shirt DIYs That Are Perfect For Summer.  I am about to clean out my t-shirt collection and it would be perfect to transform some of them.  T

31 T-Shirt DIYs That Are Perfect For Summer

The weird tan lines will totally be worth it.

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DIY - transform a tshirt into something more feminine x

DIY Projects to Try: DIY Fashion to Spice up Your Wardrobe - Pretty Designs

Hello, girls! You want to spice up your wardrobe but you don’t have enough money? Don’t worry. DIY projects can solve your problems. Whether your accessories collection or your clothing needs updating, they can be renewed by useful DIY projects. DIY projects can not only save your money, but also give an opportunity for you[Read the Rest]

tee-bag : make a bag from a recycled t-shirt


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DIY Teddybear T-Shirt

Tutorial: teddy bear tshirt! - Vendetta Uncinetta

Finalmente:la versione estiva del maglione orso del mio libro. Le foto sono di Federica Papa, il modello è Rocco , il micro orso arancio è di MforMonkey. Ti serviranno: Una Tshirt Un paio di forbici da stoffa avanzi di stoffa pennarello nero da stoffa ago/filo/ spilli matita ferro da stiro Freezer Paper (ma anche la …

Coco 的美術館: DIY T- Shirt Redesign Ideas (part 2)--DIY T- Shirt Redesign : shredded / laser-cutting (cut out)

DIY T- Shirt Redesign Ideas (part 2)

DIY T- Shirt Redesign : shredded / laser-cutting (cut out) 改造T恤的好點子第二集 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Lace Back T-shirt Tutorial

Lace Back T-shirt Tutorial - Simple Simon and Company

Loving this toggle bolero t-shirt DIY project.

10 Ways to Style a Plain White Tee

Few things beat a classic white tee. Throw it on with a pair of jeans, cork wedges, a long necklace, and you’re good to go just about anywhere. Best of all, white tees are such a staple that you can find them at just about any corner store, grocery store, mall, or pharmacy. Seeing as […]

D.I.Y. Galaxy Shirt! :D

How to Make a Galaxy Shirt

How to Make a Galaxy Shirt. Chic galaxy shirts that mimic the appearance of the starry heavens have gotten popular in recent years, but you don't have to pay big bucks to add this trendy fashion item to your wardrobe. Make your own with...