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20 minute crafter - chapstick cozy - {five minute edition}

chapstick or lipstick holder - very simple tutorial. I should make a million of them for me and my friends.

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I love the buttons along the top, and that would add a little weight there to make it snug up against the tree stand.


DIY Chapstick Key Chain Holder

27 Easy T-shirt DIY's.

BuzzFeed Feature: 27 Easy T-shirt DIY's.

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In French, pic tutorial.for some reason i can't get the page to translate with…

Quoi faire de vos vieilles toiles cirées, les tutos..

Quoi faire de vos vieilles toiles cirées, les tutos..

It's an old long sleeved shirt that is turned into a skirt. It is useful for when you don't have a skirt that matches your outfit or you just don't have any at all and you have an old sweater that you don't wear anymore and you want to make use of it.