For opening up your hips plus other helpful diagrams for exercise and healthy eating.

These 29 Diagrams Are All You Need To Get In Shape

Instantly Open Tight Hips With These 8 Stretches -- Majorly important when training BJJ, these simple stretches open up your hip flexors.


Tout est dans la paume de votre main: appuyez sur ces points pour éliminer votre douleur

Accupressure Hand Points: Press the thumb point on the appropriate area of your hand for 5 seconds. Release the thumb for 3 seconds and repeat.

Tone It Up & Lauren Conrad: the best ab workout routine

Tone It Up: The Best Ab Workout Routine

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Total Body Circuit TRX Workout {Make Your Body Your Machine} - Your Trainer Paige

Total Body Circuit TRX Workout {Make Your Body Your Machine

Total Body Circuit TRX Workout {Make Your Body Your Machine} - Your Trainer Paige (Workout Plan)


5 Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Fat [VIDEO]

5 Moves To Banish Back Fat +[VIDEO] Frog crunch on stabilility ball Back extension on stability ball Standing resistance row Superman Scorpion twist

Awesome Abs without Crunches: these moves work the transversus abdominis (deeper muscles that wrap around your trunk) as well as the obliques along your sides. Translation: a tinier waist, a flatter middle and sexy definition—fast!

New idea to old abs work out. Bridge and scissor crunch. Works back, legs, butt, arms and abs! Almost perfect for brides looking to lose weight. 5 reps each side and 3 sets, work up the amount of reps each time.