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20 DIY Musical Instruments

Kindergarten Favorite Music Websites (Instruments)- 20 Homemade Musical Instruments - So many cute and creative musical instruments kids can make and play with. I can see Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten and grade kids especially enjoying these!

mini banjos.......pour la fête de la musique!

Mini Lid Banjos

How to Make Musical Instruments for Kids : How to Make a Tom Tom Drum Using a Container & Balloons

Make a tom tom drum using a regular household container and balloons! In this free instructional video, an expert will show you how to make a musical instrum.

RYTHMOPATHES ► Le TUTORIEL II (gumboots, percussions corporelles, chants, danse, bodyrythme) - YouTube

Three campers from the Westfield Boys and Girls Club share a beat from their Hip Hop Drum class.