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vertical garden - Cant wait till this ice / snow apocalypse disappears, ready to garden MJP Look at this gorgeous green wall! All the different color makes it so nice!

Planches en bois recul pour réaliser un mur végétal

Mur végétal et autre jardin vertical extérieur et intérieur

Plants are a sign of life, vitality and freshness. They are very healthy to include in your interior as well. They are beneficial not only to your eyes but

Wall planter, plants, diy planter

Wall planter - considering something like this for the deck to grow herbs? Would also make a good shoe storage idea, could be wall mounted too.

un beau mur végétal avec une grille et un cadre en bois

Jardin vertical et mur végétal dans le paysage urbain moderne

Consider a "living wall" for your home or office. Beautiful, oxygen-producing and air-filtering, and VERY satisfying.


Recycled Pallet Vertical Garden - Very little room on your urban porch or backyard? How about maximizing the space you have by growing up? I'll be using a pallet sitting in my back yard to plant garden center annuals or possibly native succulents.

Vertical garden with fish

Here is an idea for a vertical garden in a classroom (plus a fish tank). This could also work in other places -- homes, places of worship, community centres, etc. Maybe even outdoors? With a mesh covering over the fish tank, the cats couldn't get in.

20+ Magnifiques Jardins Verticaux Pour Votre Balcon

20+ Magnifiques Jardins Verticaux Pour Votre Balcon

Vertical Gardening Ideas with Spicy Herbs in Your Kitchen Design DIY Magazine by Audrey Motsinger

Vous vouliez apporter un peu de créativité à votre jardin ? Ces quelques idées devraient faire l'affaire !

Old Window Into Mini Garden - Top 38 Best Ways To Repurpose and Reuse Old Windows