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Fondée en 1976, Critiques Livres distribue des éditeurs prestigieux issus des arts visuels. Notre engagement : promouvoir l’état de l’art, l’originalité et l’a

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Volumiques poeme en pieces

Volumiques poeme en pieces

Volumique shop | we love paper and pixels

Children's Book Unfolds Like Origami [Video] PSFK Unlike illustration books we find on bookshelves today, The Adventures of a Village moves the plot along by having readers unfold certain corners of the narrative origami.

Casagami Kraft !

Are you interested in our Solar Powered House Night Light? With our Casagami Nightlight by Berylune you need look no further.

Tatebanko Wave, Noted, Yard Gallery

this is an image of a "tatebanko," the word that refers to the Japanese art of creating paper dioramas. this tatebanko is based on "The Great Wave at Kanagawa" by Hokusai, and is sold by the Japanese company, It's a Beautiful Day.

Chinese Textiles V&A Patterns

V Victoria Albert Museum > Main Section > Shop by product > Books & Media > V Pattern: Chinese Textiles

Edible Selby - Abrams

Photographer Todd Selby is back, this time focusing his lens on the kitchens, gardens, homes, and restaurants of more than 40 of the most creative and dynamic figures working in the culinary world today. He takes us behind the scenes with Noma chef René

Exquisite Book - Chronicle Books

The Exquisite Book: 100 Artists Play a Collaborative Game: Julia Rothman, Jenny Volvovski, Matt Lamothe, Dave Eggers.

Marisa Berenson: A Life In Pictures

A Life in Pictures" reveals a captivating look into the life of one of the most recognized faces in fashion history.

MoMA Art While You Eat - Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books MoMA Art While You Eat Placemats Paperback

WHY LA? POURQUOI PARIS?  9780991131501 - 25€

why LA? an artistic pairing of two iconic cities : twe.