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WOW, what a smart idea (even for those of us who avoid hand stitching wherever possible)! making even stitches.what an incredible, easy idea!

tressage - ceinture

Tutorial: Belt Weaving Using Nylon Cord

Tutorial for weaving a belt.make it out of paracord for a survival belt. You can never have enough paracord

Comment faire un manequin à sa taille(DYI)

brilliant, finally a chance to make use of all that tyedye duck tape diy dress body form


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Photo-tutorial: Eyes for Crochet Doll Amigurumi

Photo-tutorial: Eyes for Crochet Doll Amigurumi, this reminds me of a sackperson/sackboy from little big planet!

point chevron en explication

HERRINGBONE minute video showing how to do this stitch. Knit or purl into 2 stitches, but pull only ONE of the stitches off the needle before the next stitch.