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final fantasy 9

Final Fantasy IX - Freya Crescent - Race: Burmecian - back in the day, Freya was my girl. And I don't usually go for "furry" characters. But Freya was badass and awesome.

Natsu Dragneel (E.N.D)

(Art: Etherious Natsu Dragneel by WERSHE on DeviantArt) Natsu turned into a demon with memory loss. He doesn't remember Lucy at all, but his body tells him she is important.

Fairy Tail - a spoiler picture for the upcoming second movie!

This movie I can't wait and also if you look very closely you can see his new scar on his face 😉

Un optimista tiene un corazon kawaii, un pesimista tiene un corazon kowai, una persona normal tiene un corazon normal, y yo (que soy Otaku) tengo un corazon Fairy Tail.

Just discovered Fairy Tale through a friend and I love it! I now want to be in Fairy Tale and go on quests. Luckily I still have a ton of episodes to watch! <<< It's Fairy Tail, not fairy tale.