Unicorn Macarons//

Unicorn Macarons Might Just Be the Most Effing Magical Dessert We've Ever Seen

Unicorn Macaroons Might Just Be the Most Effing Magical Dessert We've Ever Seen

I don't want you to die. BUT. The photos that follow are basically heart  attack-inducing cute, so consider yourself warned.  These cakes are part of the new baby cake collection by Philadelphia bakery  Whipped Bakeshop. I consider them worth their own post just to showcase  their adorableness.  If you're in Philadelphia, you should go buy one, whether there's a baby in  your life or not.  If you're not in Philadelphia, either go there, right now...  or just enjoy and coo at the photos and…

Alarmingly Adorable: Baby Cake Designs by Whipped Bakeshop

Lapin PAS

Easter is approaching! Make it super memorable by designing some cakes out from these 20 amazing Easter cake ideas.

Mermaid Cupcake

Mermaid Cupcake

The brilliant ladies at The Cake Mamas in Glendora California made the cutest featured cupcake this month.The adorable Mermaid Cupcake! Seriously, it's so cute who cares what it tastes like? Just kidding, it tastes AMAZING too!

mommo design: SWEET CHRISTMAS

You will be all ready for the holidays with the 27 Most Popular Christmas Ideas! There's everything from a DIY Batman wreath to DIY Mickey ornaments!

Cactus Macaron

Cactus Macaron

Ayako Kurokawa - Ayako Kurokawa is a celebrated pastry chef and sculptor based out of New York City. This adorable cactus macaron shows exactly why she’s so b.

Cute idée!

Circle decorated cake - Cute idea for baby shower cake. Colors can match theme

Recette de Charlotte abricots et fromage blanc

Charlotte abricots et fromage blanc

Bunnies really love Easter eggs - Cake by Marlene - CakeHeaven

Here is my Easter Cake for this year. The storyline behind this cake is that these bunnies are really happy this year because they have a lot of Easter eggs to eat. One bunny managed to get his hands on the largest Easter egg ever, but he is so.