Original art paintings gallery for 2018-01-12 -

Watercolor Workshops in Istanbul, Turkey / Workshops de Aquarela em Istanbul, Turquia., original painting by artist Fabio Cembranelli


Watercolor paintings of Cinque Terra, Florence, and Tuscany. Watercolor artwork of boats in the Mediterranean Sea. Watercolor paintings of Greece, the Colusseum, Nafpaktos and Roman ruins.

✈ Carnets de voyages ✈

Vertical Volterra Sketchbook - All the little things that I noticed that make Italy, Italy well summed up in these sketches.


Some Victorian alike sketching, mostly markers and a bit of pencil as base line.meistens markers und ein bisschen bleistift als basis.

// @chloeapineapple

Kimler geldi, kimler geçti - So many came, so many passed by Mineke Reinders Watercolor ~ 7 inches x 5 inches

Very basic water colour drawing - image does look very 2D - not a lot of contouring.

Robert Kuven Very basic water colour drawing - image does look very - not a lot of contouring.

architectural watercolour of a doorwau

Entrance to an apartment building on Street and Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Freehand Ink sketch and watercolor on location.