Mobile and E-Learning

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the cover of high impact eportfolio practice, with three students sitting at a table
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the book cover for mastering mobile learning
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This book is for people wanting to learn more about the process of strategizing, designing and implementing the emerging set of mobile learning technologies and the content and experiences that they make possible.
the cover of assessing the role of mobile technologies and distance learning in higher education,
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The purpose of this book is to analyze the role and challenges of distance and mobile learning in higher education today. The book focuses on real experiences of higher education institutions and academics implementing distance and mobile education courses.
a book cover for retaining and motivating online students research - based practices and innovations that work
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This book focuses on strategies instructors can use to retain online students in higher education. It offers design, student, and support strategies for instructors to motivate and support online students in institutions of higher education.
a blue book cover with the words quality review or distance education
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The Quarterly Review of Distance Education is a rigorously refereed journal publishing articles, research briefs, reviews, and editorials dealing with the theories, research, and practices of distance education. The Quarterly Review publishes articles that utilize various methodologies that permit generalizable results which help guide the practice of the field of distance education in the public and private sectors.
a book cover with the title distance learning
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The selected articles cover a very wide variety of topics related to distance learning, and capture both the parallel and distinctive perspective both authors have in the field.
the cover of an article about articulate storyline essentials
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Have you ever wondered how e-learning developers create such powerfully effective and creative learning solutions? With Articulate Storyline, you don't need to wonder anymore. Storyline is a powerful authoring tool that allows you to take your creativity to the next level and easily author your own stories. It is an e-learning authoring tool that allows you to leverage built-in development functions to quickly create interactive and engaging learning experiences.
the cover for applying learning theory to mobile learning, featuring icons and text on a green background
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The goal of this TD at Work has been to review learning theory and instructional strategies that will be effective regardless of the technical changes to mobile devices. The challenge for training professionals is to stay focused on the training goals and the performance gap you are being asked to close. Once you understand the kind of skills and knowledge you are building, it is easier to identify the instructional theory and strategies that will be most effective.
the cover of a book with an image of a group of people
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Cet ouvrage vous apporte des réponses concrètes et pratiques et vous guide dans la «jungle» des quelque trois mille Mooc disponibles à l’heure actuelle, toutes plates-formes confondues.
the 2nd international workshop on learning technology for education in cloud
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This book explores a number of issues surrounding the use of technologies in learning, providing a platform for informed debate across all sectors of education and learning.
a book cover with the title'essentials of e - learning for nurse educators
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Essentials of E-Learning for Nurse Educators addresses the needs of both new and experienced educators who must learn how to use e-leaning tools to facilitate learning and integrate them into courses and programs.
the cover of transforming virtual world learning
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This book is a practical guide on how to transform your ideas from virtual world course ware to virtual world learning experiences.
the book cover for e - collaborateative knowledge construction, featuring four cubes with light bulbs
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This book presents best practice environments to implement e-collaborative knowledge construction, providing psychological and technical background information about issues present in such scenarios and presents methods to improve online learning environments.
the book cover for digital imagery and information graphics in e - learning
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This book offers useful methods for creating digital imagery as well as leading pedagogical theories and research on the implementation of inherited images. This advanced publication features applied, hands-on strategies related to capturing and authoring tools used to acquire and create graphics.