Ces choses, en quoi les voyez-vous d'autres

Beautiful drawings by Alfred Basha. They look a little similar to my illustrations actually - very similar concept too (mixing the two forms of nature - flora and fauna).

Eu gosto de guaxinins :3

The racoon is painted with water color. The colors are dark for such a small creature. I like how to paint drips down from his face and body.

Des animaux qui franchissent les lignes par Iantha Naicker  Dessein de dessin

South-African illustrator Iantha Naicker presents us her cute animal illustrations. She uses the lines of her notebook to give a tridimensional aspect to her work, as if these little creatures were enmeshed inside.

Portrait d’une tête de licorne mandala, à rendre vivant avec quelques coups de pinceau                                                                                                                                                      Plus

Let Coloring Book Zone sweep you away into a world of super-detailed images. The intricately detailed black and white illustrations of animals, mandalas, geographic designs and nature will focus you i

33 dessins fabuleux qui donnent l’illusion de s’extirper de leur feuille de…

33 dessins fabuleux qui donnent l’illusion de s’extirper de leur feuille de papier

Check out the Julia Barinova Amazing Drawing available in HD resolution. You can easily share this amazing drawing image with your friends and family.

Les aquarelles danimaux de Luqman Reza Mulyono Dessein de dessin

Indonesian artist & illustrator Luqman Reza Mulyono, known as ‘Jongkie’, uses watercolors to create colorful animal illustrations with a whimsical touch.

Des dessins 3D parfaitement réalisés

Des dessins 3D parfaitement réalisés

Brazilian artist João Carvalho, a. J Desenhos, is back with more awesome Notebook drawings. Previously featured on Bored Panda, the continues

Les dessins 3D de Joo Carvalho  Dessein de dessin

These Artists Challenged Each Other to a Daily ‘Animal Alphabet’ Drawing Duel