Effet indésirable et surprenant ; c'est ce qui s'appelle "se mettre la tête à l'envers !!!

Doing Yoga and drinking vodka are very similar. - Real Funny has the best funny pictures and videos in the Universe!

30 animaux qui veulent prendre des photos - http://www.2tout2rien.fr/30-animaux-qui-veulent-prendre-des-photos/

Funny pictures about Fox With A Photography Degree. Oh, and cool pics about Fox With A Photography Degree. Also, Fox With A Photography Degree photos.

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Pigeons have adapted so well to urban environments that many can be observed carrying out their activities nocturnally under the bright lights of the big city. Empire State pigeon in Koreatown, New York City

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Perfectly-Timed-Photos - We all know that when dogs meet other dogs they like to have a sniff, to see who is boss. This perfectly timed picture shows that even drawings of dogs will need to have their butts sniffed too.

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In the old days, students when to school with an apple, nowadays things haven't changed, except the price of the apple.