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two different types of brochures are shown in black and white, with the caption catch is a cowarking space
Catch — Visual Identity
Visual identity for the coworking & education platform.
an image of a woman's face and hair in various stages of being photographed
Breathing - Editorial Mode - Pure - Blanc - Cheuveux vent - Fashion Flanelle - White - wind hair - Flanelle Magazine -
a black and white photo of a woman
Industrial Design Portfolio
Industrial Design Portfolio Industrial Design Portfolio selected works from 2014 to 2015 published by Jisu Yun
a man standing in front of a wall with different types of appliances and electronics on it
Dieter Rams: Ten Principles
Ten Principles at The Design MuseumThe ten principles poster re-worked to coincide with the Less and More retrospective at The Design Museum.
a piece of paper with the words max braun frankfurt / markn on it in black ink
Peter Seitz: Designing A Life
▼ Letterhead design for Braun, Designed by Peter Seitz under the direction of Otl Aicher at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Ulm, 1950s. Part of a series of selected unpublished images from Peter Seitz: Designing a Life
a green poster with the words'risd museum spring 2014'in black and white
Inspiration Pixels
Inspiration Pixels
a white book with black lettering on the front and back cover that reads port - folito needs a title
Inspiration Pixels
Inspiration Pixels
a black and white photo with an album cover
Inspiration Pixels
Inspiration Pixels