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a black and white photo frame with flowers on it
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a black and white photo frame with some flowers on it's side, in the middle
Le Scrap de Sophie
Pages 2017 - Page 2 - Le Scrap de Sophie
an artistic background with butterflies and spray paint on it, including the words scrapberry's
Задание 53. Скетч для открытки.
a black and white photo with flowers on the bottom, butterflies in the middle, and words above it
Cool - Le Scrap de Sophie
a piece of paper with the word wa on it and an image of a butterfly
Sketch chez Scrapidées - vero1260scrap
a white background with the words live laugh love and a potted plant
a white and black photo with flowers on it
Sketch #128-Design Team Reveal
Sketchabilities: Sketch #128-Design Team Reveal
a scrapbook page with gold stars and butterflies on it, including an image of a woman's face
Mixed Media Monday with Bea | Jessica | Anna
Superpower #hipkitclub #october2017 #wow
a black and white photo with the word photo on it