Grapefruit light - ‘The grape fruit’ is a collection of pendants lamps hand…

Grapefruit light - ‘The grape fruit’ is a collection of pendants lamps hand made from earthenware. Each of the 13 lamps is a different colour inside and out and each was hand-thrown instead of cast. The lamps also each have different forms and sizes.

Matteo Zorzenoni

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parachilna by neri & hu

Parachilna's New Lighting Collection by Neri & Hu

PARACHILNA launches a new lighting collection designed by Neri & Hu, based on the ancient “Chinese lanterns” and powered by the latest technology.

Ceiling Light : Sandro Lopez

Sandro Lopez's modern interpretation of the chandelier is at once a kinetic mobile sculpture and playful pendant. Its unique configuration of differently sized lamp shades counterbalance

LAFRA LED steel pendant lamp by @sforzin | #design Andrea Barra

LAFRA | Pendant lamp

D Design Blog | daily inspiration at - Suspensions Melt, Tom Dixon. Salon de Milan 2015

Salon de Milan 2015

Tom Dixon will present their latest designs in the " temporary and contemporary space" called The Cinema, as part of the Designjunction show at Casa dell'Opera Nazionale Balilla, in Milan for the Salone Fair.

Aura Chime -

Aura Chime

Ladies and gentlemen studio aura chimes anthropologie

Fonnesberg-Schmidt’s Plexi & Brass Chandeliers

SETTANTA creme smoke red pink - designed by vibeke fonnesberg schmidt. Settanta is a brand new chandelier made in plexiglass and brass. It is constructed of 70 circular pieces and has 2 light sources.