Une salle de bains moderne et #design sous les combles.  http://www.m-habitat.fr/par-pieces/cave-et-combles/amenager-une-salle-de-bains-sous-les-combles-2665_A

Like this bathroom? London loft conversion company Landmark Group (UK) LTD created an en suite bathroom to go with the new bedroom. Why would you want to leave your home?

Wardrobe to fit in loft conversion.

The loft consists of a string of spaces which have been custom-designed to be able to react to the customer’s requirements. This upcoming amazing loft is situated …

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Looking for attic room conversion ideas? If you're fortunate enough to have an attic that is yet unused, we state it's time to make much better use of it.

Des salles de bain de gris vêtues

Des salles de bain de gris vêtues