Street art is for all ages. Please, try to look beyond her age. Sometimes people get a kick out of the elderly doing things the young folks do- '' Oh, how cute. ''I wish our culture would not be so hung up on youth and beauty, but that is just how it is

Banksy street art … Plus

Paint Love – Le street art par Martin Whatson

^Ballerina black and white rainbow tutu street art Martin Whatson - Oslo, Norway

Before / After – Le street art évolutif de NemO suivez-nous : @studio_cigale regardez une de nos vidéos corporate

Before / After – Le street art évolutif de NemO (image)

Just brilliant. I'm worthless By artist Banksy UK by whitebr0808, via Flickr

Just brilliant! "Because I'm worthless." - Say it "chik",OUT LOUD and look yourself in the mirrow.if you have one :) By artist Banksy UK

Streetart by Banksy.:

Banksy art This art was also painted on Street West in Lancaster, California sometime last Beautifully done and I saw the artist and a girl working on it. City workers painted over it within days. I have a picture of it.

JR - Artist

the eye is a focal point for this photo. the dark colour draws your attention to the centre. & the detailed lines under the eye make this look realistic and add texture and dimension