Galets Birdies! ................

Beach pebbles and a branch form a lovely family of birds in a tree. Pebble Art of Nova Scotia by Sharon Nowlan by PebbleArt on Etsy

Pebble Art, I love it and want to try it!

STONE ROOM: The art we currently have on the walls aren't doing the room justice. -Thinking of going DIY for the art and going "Pebble art" route.

{... ou décorer les galets ?} A la base, je ne suis pas très fan de la déco sur les galets mais j'avoue qu'après être tombée sur ces inspirations , j'ai complètement changé d'avis. Des galets et des mandalas: Des galets et des motifs naïfs: Des galets...

Faire des ricochets

First, of course, you need to find the perfect stone. Look for smooth rounded stones. Maybe you have a certain design in mind. Or you can take reference of below DIY stone painting and art ideas.

Fille aux ballons

Amazing Examples of Pebble Art

Pebble Art of NS by Sharon Nowlan Au dos arbre et oiseau et préciser certains mettent en cage alors que d'autres libèrent

Another DIY Idea With Pebble Rock Art; A Twig with Pebble leaves, and cute Pebble Birds with a Wire Bird Cage. NS by Sharon Nowlan

Tableau oiseaux petits galets

Pebble Art by Sharon Nowlan

Pebble Art by Sharon Nowlan - Createsie Creating Powerful Imagery Through the Simplicity of Pebbles Really want excellent helpful hints about arts and crafts?


I'm constantly picking up stones and bringing them home from the beach, thinking "surely I can think of something special to do with this beautiful rock" - and now here's an entire page of inspiration!