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An assault support patrol boat (ASPB) of Task Force 117 slowly moves up the outboard quarter of an armored troops carrier (ACT) as it sweeps for Viet Cong command detonated mines. Despite the determination of the enemy the ruggedly built vessels, mostly converted landing craft were tough to knock out and could take a lot of punishment.

A unique force of riverine vessels sought and successfully plugged the Viet Cong’s river supply routes by applying amphibious search and destroy tactics that hadn’t been used by the Ame…

Heartbreaking photos of troops on the eve of the Somme 100 years ago

Knee-deep in mud: Wading through a trench on the Somme are Major Beauchamp Magrath (left) of the East Lancashire Regiment, killed on June and Captain Paul Hammond, right, who died on.

Back in 2011, developer Dean Putney's mother dropped a photographic goldmine in his lap as he was getting ready to leave home after Thanksgiving. Out from

Hundreds of newly surfaced photos snapped by a young German soldier stationed in Northern France during WWI give a first-hand account of the realities of life from the trenches .

1:35 scale "After the Battle" 1997

scale "After the Battle" 1997

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Original U.S. WWII Mint Condition M38 Tanker Helmet by Wilson with Type R-14 Earphones and Polaroid Goggles

Original Item: Only One Available. Starring Brad Pitt, the movie “Fury” depicts a tank crew stationed in Germany during the closing days of the war. The movie is bringing renewed attention to tank warfare and the equipment employed during battle.