white muslin embroidered in colored wools c.1812-15.


- England - Girl's dress of white muslin embroidered from the hem with a floral design in colored wools. The dress has a high-waisted bodice, vertically-gathered puffed sleeves and a trained skirt. Muslin embroidered in wool (V Museum)

baudrier brodé

the most stunning piece of goldwork embroidery I have ever seen, The level of detail and stumpwork is incredibly evocative Baudrier avec motif d’animal (détail), milieu du XVIIe siècle © Livrustkammaren, Stockholm

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I’ve noticed more and more people choosing natural-fiber rugs lately. If you’ve read some of my earlier entries, you already know that I am a fan of natural rugs (although synthetic rugs have their place, too). Natural-fiber rugs are durable,.

Traditional Afghan gold embroidery.

Soutache or ribbon applique style is called khamak dozi or Zardozi which is extremely intricate and detailed traditional Afghan embroidery. The picture also shows the traditional sewn on shisha mirrors.

Embroidered Elizabethan Jacket Goldwork Imitation by Bonnie Phantasm, via Flickr

I think this embroidery pattern is something I was considering adding to my own piece or look into how this method was carried out in the