Everything you love about apple pie – the gooey cinnamon filling, the warm apples, the buttery homemade pie crust – all baked inside an apple. This fun and festive dessert is something everyone will l (Baked Apple Recipes)

Les classiques du week-end le retour… Le caramel au beurre salé !

Caramel au beurre salé – la version liquide et la version onctueuse

Cinnamon Cream Cheese white bread, crusts removed flattened, spread w sweetened cream cheese, rolled jelly roll style, then dipped in cinnamon sugar baked until crispy crunchy cream cheese is hot oozing. Delicious finger food for a brunch or shower.

J’ai tellement vu tourner ce gâteau sur les blogs que c’est sans certitude que je pense qu’il vient au départ de chez &la cuisine de Josette& (et encore j’ai remonté moult liens pour en arriver là afin de tenter de rendre à César …). Ce gâteau m’a tout...

Put a sealed can of Condensed Milk (sweetened) in boiling water for 2 hours. and when you open it. It will be Toffee! (Or Dolce Leche) Let Cool Before Opening

Mini Lemon Meringue Cheesecakes - Nilla wafer cookies - sugar - unsalted butter - cream cheese - sour cream - 2 lemons - 5 eggs - cream of tartar - vanilla

Caramel Sauce: 2 cups brown Sugar + 1 Can condensed milk + cup margarine + cup milk + 1 tsp vanilla extract

Red Velvet Brownies These are unbelievable! - This is my new favorite Christmas treat. I've made it so many times this holiday season that I have the recipe memorized! These are super easy to make (maybe too easy), and I love that it only uses one bowl!