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three balls of yarn hanging from a string on a wall with two strings attached to them
Kickcan & Conkers
Christmas decorations by Taftyli / Kickcan & Conkers
a pair of white knitted boots with brown laces
Kickcan & Conkers
Gorgeous knitwear at Hambro & Miller, via Kickcan & Conkers
several different types of dried flowers on a white table top with brown and pink petals
seed capsules
mpatmos: “ #footprints #treadmarks #markmaking #magnolia #petals #patterninspiration from @lizlipkin ”
a person wearing dirty pants and holding something in their hand with dirt on it's back
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Susan Bisovsky's Pret-à-Porter Dowry Collection Dirndl, Editorial Photography, Russian Inspiration, Baba Jaga, Russian Folk, Folk Dresses, Folk Fashion, Russian Fashion, Editorial Fashion
Kickcan & Conkers
Susan Bisovsky's Pret-à-Porter Dowry Collection
a white plate with rolled up paper on top of it next to a bowl and two wooden utensils
Kickcan & Conkers
Kavka Design via Kickcan & Conkers
several pictures of different types of clothing hanging on clothes pins, and one woman standing in front of an object
Shop the Look Blue Weave by Deb. Beau / kickcan & conkers. Images: Gabriel Pionkowskin monosan shop, Jacqueline Lefferts, Texturable Decor, Ports 1961 and Bazar des Poilus.