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a clock mounted to the side of a white wall next to a painting on a shelf
horloge à plumes : Marie-Aurore Stiker Metral
horloge à plumes : Marie-Aurore Stiker Metral
a wooden table with metal legs and a glass top on the bottom is made out of wood
Des créations où le bois de grange est mis en valeur
Amazing table.
a glass vase filled with lots of brown flowers on top of a wooden table next to a white wall
Dried Fern
a frame made out of driftwood with pine cones hanging from the branches and rope
Kickcan & Conkers
Love this decoration by Janis Nicolay for Poppytalk
a wooden couch sitting on top of a cement floor
Kickcan & Conkers
Completely in love with this wooden sofa!
a white wall with a black dotted circle in the middle and a small tree on it
Kickcan & Conkers
VDJ, France, have some beautiful Christmas decorations this year!
a clothes rack with an open shirt hanging on it's side, next to a pair of shoes
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