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The Creation of Pandora - Jan Pedroietta  #Steampunk #Myths #Legends

Absolutely love this mythological image. It shows Hephaistos looking at his creation, Pandora. As a bonus, she is pretty cute too.


Epic Futuristic Gothic Cathedral - Illustration by James Paick. This looks like Abel Dreamscape's work in Second Life!

Steampunk                                                       …

braintower Kazuhiko Nakamura was born in Hyogo, Japan in He was greatly influenced by surrealism and cyberpunk styles of art when he was young. He earns his living as a designer in Tokyo.

god !

You know, Alternia should have some place like that. Like underwater city with train. It is like in Way to the fantazy (Miazaki) - that was way the beatifulest thing I can imagine. The train. In water. My idea of beauty is train in water, deal with it

I love the chimney's in this picture, potential idea for a backdrop if we can afford something like this.

"Matte Painting for the background of Annie Leibovitz Photo "Peter Pan", that was part of a campain for Disney Parks. Wallpaper and background photos of London Rooftops for fans of Classic Disney images.