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a bird is sitting on the side of a large stone wall with small holes in it
Abydos (Ägypten)
an image of a stone wall that looks like it has been made out of cement
Cusco (Peru)
the sun shines brightly through the window of an old building with stone pillars and steps
Rocks at Lalibela, Ethiopia
a woman standing next to a stone wall in an alley way with people walking by
Форум ЛАИ • Просмотр темы - Полигональная кладка в городе Куско
a large rock sticking out of the ground next to a small pool of water on top of a grass covered hill
an old stone wall with grass growing on it's sides and trees in the background
Norba (Italien)
a large stone ball in the middle of some dirt and grass, with wires running through it
Home - The Ancient Code
two large rocks sitting in the middle of a desert area with no one around them
Home - The Ancient Code
concrete steps with moss growing on them
10 incredible images of Sacsayhuaman that you probably haven't seen
It is perhaps one of the most incredible ancient sites in Peru, a megalithic site that is believed to predate the Inca themselves. The construction features found at Sacsayhuaman are breathtaking, precisely cut stones, sharp edges, smooth surfaces and walls put together in such a way that modern engineers stand in awe when looking at the feature…
a person standing next to a stone wall with a tree growing out of the top
Could The Imperial Palace In Japan Sit On An Older Ancient Megalithic Base - Hidden Inca Tours
Tokyo Imperial Palace: Massive stone walls. #Masonry #Stone_Wall #Tokyo_Imperial_Palace
a man standing next to a large rock with a cave in it
Megalithic Peru: Stone Works That Most Academics Can't Explain - Hidden Inca Tours
the concrete blocks are stacked high on top of each other in order to make it look like they have been built into the ground
Impossible footprints and technology :: El Libertario
Impossible footprints and technology :: El Libertario
a bird sitting on the side of a stone wall
Home - The Ancient Code