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a person walking up some stairs in a building with white walls and black railings
Manly II by Archisoul Architects - A Unique Home With a Story To Tell
a person is walking down some stairs with shadows on the wall and windows behind them
Escalier : garde-corps et rambarde déco pour l'intérieur
Ce garde-corps ajouté laisse passer la lumière avec subtilité dans les escaliers.
the wall is made of wood and has many small squares on it's sides
House in Budakeszi by Tamás Mórocz
a room with white walls and shelves filled with books
Start Creative Studio
a black shelf mounted to the side of a white wall next to some concrete steps
Luc Spits - Bureau Architecte à Visé, Liège, Luxembourg et Knokke
Luc Spits architecture - Business : < Bureau de recrutement / recruiting office > Béton apparent / concrete, baie vitrée / glass, lumière / light, parking / car park, aménagement intérieur / interior design ... | Rampe d'escaliers / stair handrail
a wooden shelf mounted on the side of a wall next to a stair case in a house
Pasamanos | homify
an image of a twitter post with the caption gray and co
Grand staircase in Shoreland, Chicago - Part of the renovation of a Jazz age hotel into residential building by Studio Gang 2014.
there is a white staircase in the house
a metal and wood table with an open door on the top, sitting on a hard wood floor
Heavybit Industries by IwamotoScott Architecture
a set of stairs with glass railings and white steps leading up to the second floor
HER | Le LAD : Le Laboratoire d'Architecture Intérieure et Design
a set of blue stairs leading up to a white wall
Photo 4 of 10 in A Creative Agency with a Modern, Open Workspace
A Creative Agency with a Modern, Open Workspace
a black and white photo of a staircase with a lamp on the side next to it
O O H ,
O O H ,
an empty room with stairs leading up to the second floor and potted plant on the far side
Gallery of Triangular House / STUDIO_LPP - 11
a room with a rug, window and an object on the floor in front of it
Design in the Jacques Dupuis Archive | OEN