Top 10 Phrases to Never Say in French [Cheat-Sheet]

Top 10 Phrases to Never Say in French [Cheat-Sheet

This is an example of cultural studies because in certain cultures these phrases can mean different things and its teaching you how to avoid cultural differences in certain situations Top 10 Phrases to Never Say in French [Cheat-Sheet]

French is a funny language

French is a funny language

As a Spanish speaker.da heck is wrong with Spanish cows, huh? You got somethin to say to my face, ese?

french essentials#2

Episode 8 - French Essentials#2 - Stop confusing Bon and Bien

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There are 16 verbs in French that require être rather than avoir in the passé compose. Sometimes there is a passé. Passé uses être to talk about physically passing by something. These irregular verbs also must agree in gender and in number.

Masculin ou féminin? Regardez les sufiixes!

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