19 Pins
two bowls filled with ice cream and strawberries on top of a marble tablecloth
Glace à la Fraise {ultra simple}
Une #glace à la #fraise #sansoeuf, très simple et avec très peu d'ingrédients
two pieces of chocolate peanut butter pops on a white plate
Magnums Paris-Brest
Des #glaces #magnums aux parfums de #paris-brest #praliné et #noisette
two popsicles with raspberries and ice cream on a blue surface surrounded by small berries
Sorbet Framboise Passion
Des bâtonnets de #sorbet où la #framboise rencontre le #fruitdelapassion pour une #glace gourmande
two pieces of chocolate covered dessert on a pink plate with almonds scattered around it
Magnums Pistache
Des #glaces façon #magnum #pistache
some kind of dessert with nuts and chocolate on it's side, ready to be eaten
Glace Beurre de Cacahuète et Caramel
Une #glace #facile à réaliser au #beurredecacahuètes et filet de #caramel beurre salé
three pieces of chocolate covered banana on a white plate with pecans in the background
Magnums Vanille Pécan {IG bas}
two pieces of chocolate covered ice cream with pistachio toppings on top, sitting on a blue tablecloth
Magnums Chocolat Pistache
some kind of chocolate covered dessert with nuts on the side and a can of peanut butter in the background
Glace Magnum Gianduja Praliné
two scoops of ice cream sit on a plate next to some chocolate chunks and caramel
Glace Chocolat Caramel
an ice cream sundae with chocolate chunks in it on a blue napkin next to spoons
Crème Glacée Jivara
a hand holding an ice cream bar with chocolate and marshmallows
Glace Vanille à la Faisselle de Chèvre
an ice cream popsicle sitting on top of a wooden stick in front of some bushes
Glace au Lait de Noisette, Miel et Praliné {presque végé}
a person holding up a purple rock in their hand
Glace Légère et Crémeuse à la Mûre
someone holding up an ice cream sundae in front of some green bushes and trees
Glaces Magnums au Praliné
someone is holding an ice cream sandwich in their hand
Glace Magnum au Chocolat