PLI Architectes David Freeland et Brennan Buck  "stack pavillion", 2012 apparence bois plié

"Stacked Mockup" by architects David Freeland and Brennan Buck. First conceived as a dynamically torqued pavilion for the Lightbox Gallery in Surrey, UK

PLI TEXTILE  collection THE GARMENTS MAY VARY, 2013 Nadine Goepfert "pull à mémoire de forme"

memory foam fashion - Nadine Goepfert’s memory foam fashion jacket is part of her 2013 series entitled ‘The Garments May Vary.’ The collection embodies.

PLI en papier  collection 2014 de Bea Szenzeld

Bea Sfenzeld

PLI  collection automne hiver 2011 " digitalized"   Alba Prat laine, cuir, coton, laque

The Digitalized Collection of Alba Prat

White shirt with textured cube patterns - fabric manipulation; innovative textiles for fashion design // Alba Prat

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