Boussole - Flèche - Montre - Compass - Clock - Tattoo Idea

Change the dripping ink to act scrapers, mountains, trees and ocean water. Have bird surrounding the compass, and flowers on the arrow

Des tatouages inspirés de livres

Des tatouages inspirés de livres

"Platform nine and three quarters? But Hagrid, there must be a mistake, this says platform nine and three quarters, there's no such thing is there?" I want!I love it!

Prête à succomber à ces 30 tatouages dentelles totalement sublimes ?

This is beautiful. I wouldn't want it on my arm, definitely not this much anyway. Perhaps high on my thigh to wear you couldn't see even with shorts.

#wattpad #non-fiction Ce livre est un recueil de fan art Harry Potter. Je l'ai est trouvé sur internet.  Merci de donner vos avis cela fait toujours plaisir . Gros bisous   Méfaits accomplis   Chloé

Recueil de fan art Harry Potter - 3 eme

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