Trop drôle!

{Daddy daughter Photo-shoot} I love this dad's creativity and the fact that his wife is in the military. Imagine being deployed and getting some of these pictures.

C'est normal car l'on passe notre temps à juger les gens sur leurs apparences.

Some deceived by their cover, other surprised by their content " A toxic friendship : Don't judge a book by its cover, experience is the mistress of fools.

Débardeur Femme "La vie sans les ami(e)s" | Elodie Aleton : La boutique pour les petits et les grands

Et puisque le Nutella se fait rare chez nous, vous êtes notre Nutella!

#bemantra #mantra #quote #citation Bonne journée à tous les gourmands !

The heavier you are,the more difficult it is for them to kidnap you.Protect yourself.

les plus beaux proverbes Description I like people who, to shine, do not smother others.

Pack de 6 stickers Mes MOTivations

On s'en collera un sur chaques jours sur les murs et tous les jours on se…