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Which amusement attraction do you like more? Roller Coasters or Water Slides?

Ankha One of my Most Favorite =^T^=  Just an adorable pic. <3

sushes: some kawaii neko chan desu. I think I got confused with the light source oops… ok time to move on dodododo

temmiechang: my draw for the charity turf war zine!!

alley artist name bike shorts blimp can dark skin dirigible domino mask hand on hip handheld game console headphones indian style inkling leaning mask multiple girls nintendo open mouth ponytail poster (object) shirt shoes sitting sneakers

The Internet Is Flipping Out Over The New Splatoon Characters #collegehumor #lol

We're all on Team Marina, right? View "The Internet Is Flipping Out Over The New Splatoon Characters" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Squid Sisters Callie and Marie from Splatoon via pixiv

d aori (splatoon) brown eyes cellphone green skirt hair rings hotaru (splatoon) jacket long hair long sleeves mask mole mole under eye multiple girls necktie one eye closed open mouth orange background phone pleated skirt purple hair purple skir

Octoling new weapon art - Album on Imgur

alternate costume artist request bare shoulders bike shorts boots dress fingerless gloves gloves knee boots nintendo no mask orange eyes orange hair shorts under dress shorts under skirt sleeveless sleeveless dress splatoon takozonesu

Dogs vs Cats!

d aano aori (splatoon) breasts cleavage detached collar dress earrings fangs food food on head gloves green legwear hotaru (splatoon) jewelry long hair mask mole mole under eye object on head one eye closed open mouth pantyhose pointy ears red leg

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Marina from Splatoon 2! Adding her to list of cosplay to make!

Marina from Splatoon Adding her to list of cosplay to make!

Sneaky Sneaky pink inklings, beacon

:d ankle boots aqua shoes bangs bike shorts black shorts blue shirt blunt bangs boots brown eyes brown shoes chain-link fence checkered shirt collared shirt dark skin e-liter (splatoon) echolocator (splatoon) facing away fang fence grass grey

We&rsquo;ve received a sketch from one of our researchers. Looks like an Octoling… Hey! We&rsquo; Looks like a false alarm. Something&rsquo;