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By the fans of hip hop music, both black and white people, started wearing baggy clothes with logos of the football and baseball teams, the baseball hat opposite side, tying shoes and carry leather backpack.

RareInk - NBA Logo's by Mike Harrison, via Behance

In this modern art print, London based artist Mike Harrison reinterprets the Golden State Warriors logo by constructing it out of dozens of miniature triangles

Captain Gregor- a fearless clone commander who survived the battle of Geonosis who ended up on a distant planet and forgot everything. Until C-3PO reminded him that he is a clone. Gregor helped C-3PO and some other stranded droids to get off the planet. Gregor sacrificed his life so the droids could bring the Sepratist's plans to the republic!!!

In case you don't get it, Delta Squad is an elite commando force that's featured in the game "Star Wars: Republic Commando". See Gregor in action here: . Star Wars The Clone Wars Gregor