de jolies matières en bleu pour me faire vibrer...

Old Japanese quilts, Shibori indigo dyed and quilted with sashiko running stitches. textile art in the laundry cupboard , textile art and design inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places

Embroidered and layered scarf tutorial by Sandy Lupton

Embroidered Layered Scarf Tutorial Obsession is a strong word…. but I do tend to go a little overboard when I get hooked on a project. This scarf began as a little side project between …

kimono texture via

Traditional Japanese pattern fabric Love the torn scraps feel. A variety of traditional patterns collaged together. Subtle variations in the blue tones, billowing sweeps like clouds, hillsides or the sea.

Chiharu Shiota

Chiharu Shiota, Dialogue with Absence,Kenji Taki Gallery, Tokyo, 2009

Boro Cotton Kimono, Yamagata Prefecture (Northern Japan) c. 1900. Never-give-up patchwork.

Traditional Boro used patchwork quilting and sashiko stitching to mend and extend the life of all pieces of worn fabric in a household. Boro Cotton Kimono, Yamagata Prefecture (Northern Japan) c.

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L'artiste du mois d'avril : Yoshiko Jinzenji

Qin Izumidera Yuko quilt of the world / The Quilt World of Yoshiko Jinzenji


There is an old saying of Japanese farmers – ‘Never throw away a piece of cloth big enough to wrap three beans’. Japanese boro (yogi back) Photo by: Jared Graves

Do Ho Suh est un artiste coréen qui fait des sculptures et des installations qui jouent sur l’espace et les échelles. Il a entre autres réalisé toute une série d’installations qui reproduisent des bâtiments dans leurs moindre détails en taille réelle grâce à des voilages semi-transparents suspendus ainsi que d’autres ou des petits personnages miniatures …

Les installations de Do Ho Suh

DO HO SUH The Perfect Home II (detail), 2003 translucent nylon 110 x 240 x 516 inches x x cm