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Dandelion photograph nature photography minimalist photo print wall art or fine art print wall decor pale pink abstract home decor.

Transparence Nature

nature / plants / texture / pattern / lines / design / inspiration / chinese lanterns

Nature's Jewel Box - Capsule collection | Visionnaire Home Philosophy

Nature's Jewel Box - Capsule collection

Exquisite furniture pieces that will inspire you to think outside your comfort zone. Some of the most beautiful colors, shapes, and concepts imaginable that shape contemporary furniture.

Olafur Eliasson waterfall 2004

dontpostme: Waterfall (Installation view, Minding the world, ARoS AArhus Kunstmuseum, Olafur Eliasson

Jean Dunand

Jean Dunand - A large screen in 12 articulated wooden panels, the face decorated in lacquered silver leafs depicting an aquatic landscape with flying and swimming ducks, the backlacquered in plain black.: 300 cm - W.: 54 cm (each panel)

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Edgar-Brandt-Screen Paris in 1925 at the great International Exhibition of the Decorative Arts (Exposition Des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels) – Art Deco for short

straw marquetry & patinated brass screen by French artisan Yann Jallu

For Sale on - The Stark angles and radiance of the bronze-colored straw marquetry of this three-panel screen creates the effect of startling geodes, unearthed and standing