Vanessa is a emotional 15 year old and likes dogs and the cool of the pool pleas adopt Adopted by: Hannah Dean


Her name is Shelly but she goes by shell. 19 yrs old. She loves her friends and drinking Starbucks. Her parents abandoned her when she was Plzzzz adopt.

Cindy (left) and Eliza (right) are both 15. Cindy is really fun and likes to sing. Eliza is sweet and she likes to paint. They are best friends.

Instagram jelsa love you

Cindy (left) and Eliza (right) are both Cindy is really fun and likes to sing. They are best friends.

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This is Rachel, she is 14 and a tomboy, she's a great friend and loves baseball. She is loving her new school, Disney High!

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cute dog reduced my hair after nior broke my heart my own Twinsy. Sobs hysterically Bella then learns the truth oh that witch. Bel also cute do Alex

Name:summer age:15 she loves the beach and she loves dolphins please adopt

This is Opal. She is 15 and loves the beach and drinking tea. She is sarcastic, funny, and loves theatre. *ADOPTED* by Ginny young