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10 animations graphiques irrésistibles
En quelques secondes, ces animations génèrent un effet surprenant ! Conçues par différents créateurs, elles sont toutes particulièrement tendance : elles pourraient inspirer d’autres designers en quête d’idées pour leurs prochains gifs. Vous ne croyez pas encore au pouvoir du gif ? Prenez le temp
the silhouette of a man's head is shown against a black background with green lines
105 Cool Animated Logos for Your Inspiration
105 Cool Animated Logos for Your Inspiration | iBrandStudio
many different types of music logos are shown in this screenshote screengrafion
Oscars Best Picture Nomination Title cards - 2014 (poster look)
Oscars Best Picture Nomination Title cards - 2014 (poster look) on Vimeo
a person with their head in the air, surrounded by blocks and orange paint splashing over them
Kiss TV Idents
Kiss TV Idents by Renaud Futterer. I've been working with the design studio Weareseventeen to work for Kiss Tv to design four ten second idents for the trendy music channel. We created and designed those, I animated the first and the second one.
the five logo is lit up against a dark background with only one light visible on it
Five ~ Ident
MvsM / Five / Ident by ManvsMachine
the name of a chanel brand is shown on a black fabric background with white lettering
Hallmark Channel 2010 Rebrand
Hallmark Channel 2010 Rebrand
the word nickeleoden is displayed in orange letters
Nickelodeon HD ~ Idents
MvsM / Nickelodeon HD by ManvsMachine
a black and white sign that says canal + 1 on it's front side
Canal + // Id's for Canal + 1 //
Credits: Agency: Visualzink + Superestudio Dirección de Proyecto: Juan Carlos Ordóñez Creative director: Juan Carlos Ordoñez & Ezequiel Rormoser Shooting direction & production: Superestudio Concept boards: M4TM Post-production: Superestudio + M4TM Ganamos un pitch en el que fuimos convocados por Superestudio para competir junto a varios estudios internacionales, donde concebimos el concepto de las piezas junto a Superestudio y Visualzink . Poster…
an image of two balance scales on orange background
Client : CANAL SAVOIR [] Director / Réalisateur : GPG [] Artistic Director / Directeur Artistique : MARTIN LALIBERTÉ [] Illustrator / Illustrateur : CYRIL IZARN [] Motion Designer : CYRIL IZARN [] Sound Design / Design Sonore : PRODUCTIONS UNDERGROUND []
an orange and gray logo with the letter e in it's center on a white background
Firmex Motion Toolkit in Logo reveals & Brandmark animations on Vimeo
the soundcloud logo is displayed on an orange and red background with white clouds
4 Moving Soundcloud Logos
4 sweetly moving logo animations for Animation by Sebastian Lange Music by and Brand New Awards 2011, Best Logo Animation Made with AE and FCS. For more stuff look at
the logo for project loop is shown on a black background with white letters and lines
Project LOOP logo animation
Animated version of Project LOOP's logo. Logo design by Tom Brown Art+Design.
a blue object is flying through the air with stars on it's back end
Skype Logo Animation - Chat
Skype Logo Animation - Chat by Monica Kim. Skype!
an abstract black background with green and pink shapes in the center, on top of a red block
Square Elephant Logo Animation
the logo for an upcoming company called momento, which has been designed by person
Momento Logo Animation
Design : Aurélie Chartier Sound Design : Rodolphe Alexis Motion Design by Me : Logo animation coming from a biggest motion project (can't release it). Made @Jana Jarosz Modem