Teaching the Odyssey via Gareth Hinds' Graphic Novel (So thankful to have 3 class sets of this beautiful graphic novel to teach!)

Teaching Homer's The Odyssey: A Graphic Novel Approach Using Gareth Hinds' The Odyssey

Head of Polyphemus. Greek or Roman, Hellenistic or Imperial Period, 150 B.C. or later. Dolomitic marble. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. From MFA Boston: “This is the head of the one-eyed, man-eating Cyclops whom Odysseus finally outwitted and blinded....

Polyphemus, head of Hellenistic statue (marble), century BCE, (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston).

The Odyssey of Homer [Ltd, Signed N. C. Wyeth

The Golden Age: N. Wyeth ~ The Odyssey of Homer ~ Published by Houghton Mifflin 1929

Marble pseudo-portait of Homer. Roman. Late Republican or Imperial Period. late 1st century B.C. or 1st century A.D. | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Homer, Roman, Late Republican or Imperial Period, late century BC or century AD. Pentelikon near Athens)

Gustave Moreau // Les muses quittent leur père Apollon pour aller illuminer le monde

The Muses Leaving their Father Apollo to Go Out and Light the World by Gustave Moreau 1868 oil on canvas Musee Gustave Moreau