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This is a small (but growing) series of Nintendo game characters (games for Nintendo, not all made by Nintendo) as traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock prints by Geekologie reader Ezra's illustrator friend Jed Henry. This is Samus here, but there's.

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Jed Henry's 'Ukiyoe Heroes' : The Collection

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I have a rule for my house: no more than a third of the artwork on my walls is allowed to be gaming-related. This rule fell apart pretty quickly when it became clear just how much beautiful video game artwork there is out there.

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This page features the 'Ukiyoe Heroes' series of designs by illustrator Jed Henry, showing the prints produced so far in the series.

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Print - Trouble Afoot Tokyo-based woodblock printmaker David Bull has created a number of video presentation of his work

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