@auroreminimale Minimalisme scandinave

Navio Vazio… In this simplistic abstract piece, the arms and hands show us something on a white background. It fulfills our needs because of the figure and ground made by dark colors.

Colours-  Colourful, geometric branding & packaging design for Trig app, which lets customers design their own personalized jewelry - by Sydney-based Olivia King https://www.behance.net/gallery/8511731/Trig

Beautiful geometric branding for custom jewellery

Colourful, geometric branding & packaging design for Trig app, which lets customers design their own personalized jewelry by Olivia King

Chinese Lunar Calendar Redesign by Chu Crystal, via Behance - icons

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A clever and beautoful logo by Moire Studios.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Tailor Made, Paulo, Brazil Chief Creative Officer: Marcelo Reis Executive Creative Director: Guilherme Jahara Copywriter: Marcelo Henriques, Paulo Henrique Gomes Art Director: Tiago Valadão Illustrator: Tiago Valadão

fiatgirlaotw 20 Mind Provoking and Creative Ads / girl and a ballon / type / poster / design / layout / black and white / grid / ad /

Great example of positive/negative space.

Great use of negative space, balance, contrast, and repetition of shape to create an interesting design.

type jeans

Selling pants visually is tricky—all the more reason this campaign is awesome! Dockers posters Plus

Malika Favre @malikafavre  by picame

London-based Malika’s work is incredibly popular, largely due to its instantly recognisable style, but also due to her incomparable skill at the art of simplifying down an image to its bear essentials and making it sing.

by Noma Bar

Stalker - Minimalist illustration by Israeli graphic designer Avinoam Noma Bar

EXEMPLE figure / fond ou espace positif / négatif

Figure and Ground art // Previous pinner said "Figure and ground-Figure-definate shape,recognisable.Ground-indefinate shape,continuous non recognisable"

Funky Poster & Vinyl - Jaine Kopala Graphic Design

LETTERING from [Any typography fans out there? Or it's just me 🤗] __ Poster & Vinyl - Jaine Kopala Graphic Design

"La dualité de l’être humain en illustration" Un regard sur la société de consommation, les cultures du monde ainsi que sur la pop culture. Un voyage plaisant à bord du travail de Ben Wiseman via Tuxboard

Les très belles illustrations de Ben Wiseman

Ben Wiseman via Tuxboard

Blues & Jazz Festival by Jeremy Kramer, via Behance

Concept 2 fun font and music festival feel



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typo - Christoffer Meyer

Typography Inspiration n°58 !

this picture really speaks for itself. this instrument plays a big part in jazz and jazz history. id see this as a poster in a cool jazz bar or even in a music teachers room with other posters with different genres and instruments in the same design.

Malika Favre is a French artist based in London. Her bold, minimal style — often described as Pop Art meets Op Art — is a striking study in the use of color, and positive and negative space.