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a bird house painted with flowers and leaves
Wooden Bird House
This Wooden Bird House brings us so much joy! We got so inspired on our artist retreat by all the cute bird houses with baby birds inside, it made us want to come back and make our own! It was so much fun making this product and we were mindful of the hole placement and colors to make sure we chose what they want & love in a bird house! It features a round opening and a hinged roof that opens on one side, and a keyhole in the back so you can easily hang it from a tree or post!
paper cut out of watermelon and lime juice
Strawberry Cake
Making of paper Lemonade
a person holding a piece of paper with a monkey on it's back and wings
Artist Creates Intricate Paper Art Inspired By Studio Ghibli, Pop Culture, and Gaming (50 Pics)
Smol 🐯 #papercutting #papercut #cutpaper #cutoodle #sakura #cardcaptorsakura #kero #cerberus
an origami insect with red, blue and green leaves
Papercut Insect by Ashley Gierke
a clock with an owl on it's face sitting on a piece of paper
Papercut by Ashley Gierke
a paper cut out of a bug with eyes
Papercut Insect by Ashley Gierke
a black and white clock with an eye on it's face in the shape of a spider
Papercut Insect by Ashley Gierke
Excited to share one of my latest additions to my #etsy shop: Botanical handmade #papercut
Botanical Handmade Papercut Original Art Papercut House Plants Botanical Art Plant Lovers Gift for Your Home Home Decor - Etsy UK
Excited to share one of my latest additions to my #etsy shop: Botanical handmade #papercut
paper cutouts with different types of items on them, including scissors and other things
continental breakfast.
a paper dragon floating in the ocean with people on it's back and an umbrella flying above - Domain gecatcht
Visuel final du paper dragon un paper art design par INK studio
the snake is laying on the black surface
Series of Papercut Illustrations ► Creative Art by Makerie Studio