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Connaître et comprendre l'art de Franceska Yarbousova et Youri Norstein / Understanding the art of Franceska Yarbousova and Youri Norstein Cette sélection…
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an old man is working in his shop
art work is being displayed on a table in an artist's studio with various items
a drawing of a person walking in front of a door with light coming through it
an old black and white photo of three people talking to each other in front of a building
several drawings are hanging on the wall with papers attached to it and one has a dog's head
a bunch of drawings are hanging on the wall
several sketches of people walking and riding in different directions, with one person standing on the other side
a drawing of an old man drinking from a glass
a drawing of an old man with a mustache
an older man sitting at a desk with papers on the table and pictures hanging up behind him