Exemples emblématiques (réussites ou ratages) et approches artistiques contemporaines du procédé de rotoscopie / Dead ends and new horizons of rotoscopy Cette…
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a woman with her eyes closed and mouth open in front of an abstract background,
Bashton & Megalopolis - Scandal ft. Kira - Maya Azucena
Bashton & Megalopolis - Scandal
an animated image of two people in a room with boxes on the floor and one person holding a blow dryer
HANA ET ALICE MENENT L'ENQUETE - Extrait 1 VF - Une nouvelle voisine
"Hana et Alice mènent l'enquête" de Shunji Iwai (2015)
two men are playing soccer on the same team as one man is running after the ball
" Hors-jeu ", de Georges Schwizgebel, Suisse, 1977
"Hors jeu", réalisé par Georges Schwizgebel en 1977.
a painting of a person on a tightrope
"Triangle", réalisé par Erica Russell en 1994.
an old man is staring at something in front of him with the words in other words
In Other Words | במילים אחרות
Court métrage israélien de Tal Kantor
a painting of a woman swimming in the water
CARAPACE de Flora Molinié - Trailer
Court métrage de Flora Molinié
the cover art for labetise's new album, in which trees are silhouetted against dark background
2016 - LA BÊTISE / FOLLY - bande annonce / teaser
there is a red neon sign that says the urban tabu
Téhéran Tabou - Bande annonce HD VOST
an image of a drawing on paper with trees and bushes in the foregrounds
Loving Vincent
Bande annonce du long métrage
a drawing of a man holding a baseball bat in his hand and wearing a hat
La tranchée
par Claude Cloutier (2010)
the skateboard is laying on the sidewalk next to the building and trees in front of it
Feeling My Way
"Feeling My Way" de Jonathan Hodgson
a man standing in front of an easel with pictures on it and another drawing behind him
Schéma annexé au brevet du "rotoscope" déposé par Max Fleischer en 1917.