Lisa Sandall

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Karusell stool

To know more about Swedish Staffan Holm Karusell stool, visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world! Featuring over 1 other Swedish Staffan Holm items too!

beautiful swing chairs by Iwona Kosicka

worth 1000 words: swinging in circles

LOVE THIS as a swinging chair design option - Could something that is artistic and functional be suspended from our Poinciana - beautiful swing chairs by Iwona Kosicka

Presidente Tria: Por Catharina Lorenz y Steffen Kaz para Colé

The Tria Chair was designed by Lorenz-Kaz for Italian furniture manufacturer Cole. The two designers, Catharina Lorenz and Steffen Kaz worked together on t

fashion, tools+motorcycles

The chair is made of one and only one material: oak. This is a conscious choice of materials, harkening back to the woodworking tradition upheld by furniture workshops of yore.