Occult symbol, used by Hermetics and Alchemists, as well as by witches. I put it to this board, though.

rebel6:  by  Sin Eater

Sin Eater X Nine Lives - Print (Southbank) - Edition Limited to 25 via sin eater 25 also available via Nine Lives Southbank Smooth

alexanderheir: ““I Am The Sun And The Moon” Screen print on paper.

‘The Art of Palmistry’ Photographic Print by NadiaTurner

lineasdenazca: “ “Antonio Zatta, Illustration for Dante’s Inferno, century…

sakrogoat:  John Dixon - The Witches’ Cauldron or Incantation

verdeletgreen: “graveyarddirt: “ milkanddairy: “ John British Dixon after John Hamilton Mortimer An Incantation 20 July 1773 ” ”

Albert Joseph Pénot, "Départ pour le Sabbat" An image that beautifully captures the power, mystery and seductiveness of a witch.

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