diy paper ornaments.

DIY Geometric Paper Ornaments - Set of 8 Cut-and-Fold Paper Polyhedra Templates from Field Guide Design

Paper gift bag tutorial

Paper gift bag tutorial Homemade Cute Kids Crafts Free Box Templates to print for gift boxes favours kids crafts and gift wrap ideas printable box patterntemplate containerwrap parent crafts decor designpaper crafts cool teen crafts

petite boite cadeau en origami

pliage papier : une boite origami

TKB-desert-DIY31.jpg (600×392)

You could incorporate this in several ways.twine + craft paper + feather (or other) cutout.

they look so real from far away

Red Origami Bouquet - Emily embellished her red paper wedding bouquet with red ribbon and crystals. She and her mom and sister made all of the bridal party’s flowers.

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