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If i have 2 girls! This would be a great Shared Bedroom Idea | Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids' shared bedroom ideas help you design a room for both a boy and girl. Find creative shared room ideas that kids will love.

25 awesome shared kids rooms Amy---the orange and blue room screams your boys...... I love it!! Everything you talked about!

25 Awesome Shared Kids' Rooms

not to be shared but since there are 2 beds. 25 awesome shared kids rooms Amy---the orange and blue room screams your boys. Everything you talked about!

Girls shared room

Many of us who have a small home also have fewer bedrooms. This can often mean kids sharing bedroom space out of necessity. Other families choose for their kids to share a room based on.

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DIY Twin Corner Beds With Storage. Good layout if the kids have to share a room and don't want a bunk bed

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